jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2011

I have to say that the new creative directors of Valentino are finally getting the whole transformation of the brand. On the last Haute Couture collection I was able to appreciate a youthful vibe, classy dresses, girly inspiration and lots of luxury with edge anf flirtiness. The classic "old woman look" was left behind, and now we have a fresh breeze full of creativity and subtleness.

The soft color palette was the perfect contrast with the enigmatic "VALENTINO RED". The dresses were embellished with lace details, full skirts with soft and dramatic textures, simple lines and finishing, and a very clean look. I didn't like that much the hair and makeup, but overall this collection was perfect, dreamy and so chic.

Here are my favorite looks of these amazing pieces of art!


miércoles, 26 de enero de 2011

Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2011

If someone knows how to make excellent and charming dresses is Elie Saab, and this time was no exception. Fos his HAUTE COUTURE collection, he created amazing pieces with lots of floral details, textures, softness, and flawless finishing. I have to admit that he's one of my favorite designers, and I just LOVE his work and the transformation that he can give to some fabrics to create DREAMY DRESSES... I want them ALL!!

Check out my favorite pieces...


martes, 25 de enero de 2011


I have to admit that I wasn't so surprised by his collection. After admiring all the amazing works from the great John Galliano, I thought it was like getting back to the cruel reality of minimalism. Despite of that, I have to admit that my favorite garments were so charming and represented the kind of dresses that I would like to see at a Red Carpet, or in my closet (if I had the chance to afford them). No doubt, Alexis Mabille is a great designer, with lots of innovative ideas, but let's face it... HAUTE COUTURE is all about the excessive creativity, the lack of rules, and amazing dresses that can dare our mind.

Here, my favorite looks.

If you want to know more about Alexis Mabille's work, just click here... ENJOY!


Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring 2011

Volume, chiaroscuro, amazing garments, color, and extraordinary dramatism, were the elements that transformed this incredible collection. Definitely John Galliano is one of the most creative couturiers, and his work has transcend and has surprised EVERYONE.
Here are my favorite looks...


sábado, 22 de enero de 2011

Paul Gaultier's Exhibition

For those who live in Montreal, now u'll have the chance to know all the amazing works of this fabulous couturier. That's right, the Montreal Museum of Fine Art is collaborating with Maison Jean Paul Gaultier to bring 120 of the most representative creations of this fashion designer. The exhibition will be held to celebrate the 35th anniversary of this label, and I'm sure all the visitors will love these pieces of art.

Opening June 17, the exhibition will run till October 2, and then will move on to tour dates in the US.

I wish they could bring this to Mexico... It'll be AWESOME!


Pink Inspiration!

I've been obsessed with this color since FOREVER. It just represents in a perfect way my personality, it's classy, pretty, cute, and full of romanticism. Las night I stayed up really late just watching at a lot of pics that attracted my attention instantly, and now I wanna share them with you. They're just beautiful and full with lots of inspiring elements, plus... THE PICS ARE GREAT!

Nature, fashion, beauty, everything joins to create a really inspiring post. Suddenly I want to practice again my fashion illustration and pull out some amazing garments based on this pics. Check them out...



viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

I'm back again!

Finally I quit my job, it was so stressful and I didn't have the time to pay attention to this new semester that's starting. I have big hopes for this New Year and a lot of enthusiasm to keep on working on my passion... FASHION! Expect more posts, pics, collages, lots of inspiration and news. You know me... I love JOURNALISM, style, trends, and all sorts of topics that are related to my freelance job.