martes, 15 de febrero de 2011

AMAZING Editorial!

I was just watching some pics yesterday at night, when suddenly I discovered one of the latest editorials photoshoots of Vogue Russia. The images instantly reminded me of Black Swan, maybe because of the amazing scenario, the incredible outfits, and the combination of sweetness and some rebellious personalities.

I think the images are beautiful, the light effects create elegance, and a classy style. I loved all the outfits, even the white "tutus" with the models wearing feathers in their hair. You can say I'm obsessed with Black Swan, one of the most eye catching stories, powerful characters, and a creepy and interesting plot. MUST MOVIE!!

Here are all the pictures from this editorial, if someone has the chance to buy the magazine... YOU HAVE TO DO IT!

Model: Denisa Dvorakova
Photographer: Jason Schmidt