sábado, 22 de enero de 2011

Paul Gaultier's Exhibition

For those who live in Montreal, now u'll have the chance to know all the amazing works of this fabulous couturier. That's right, the Montreal Museum of Fine Art is collaborating with Maison Jean Paul Gaultier to bring 120 of the most representative creations of this fashion designer. The exhibition will be held to celebrate the 35th anniversary of this label, and I'm sure all the visitors will love these pieces of art.

Opening June 17, the exhibition will run till October 2, and then will move on to tour dates in the US.

I wish they could bring this to Mexico... It'll be AWESOME!


Pink Inspiration!

I've been obsessed with this color since FOREVER. It just represents in a perfect way my personality, it's classy, pretty, cute, and full of romanticism. Las night I stayed up really late just watching at a lot of pics that attracted my attention instantly, and now I wanna share them with you. They're just beautiful and full with lots of inspiring elements, plus... THE PICS ARE GREAT!

Nature, fashion, beauty, everything joins to create a really inspiring post. Suddenly I want to practice again my fashion illustration and pull out some amazing garments based on this pics. Check them out...