viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011

Latest Pieces of WORK!

I haven't had the chance to update my blog daily, just because I've been working in other projects, apart from homeworks, study, bla bla bla. However, just so u know that I'm still alive, I'll post some of my latest pieces of work in EstiloyMas. All the notes are in spanish, but I'll appreciate it if u take the chance to check it out. ENJOY!

To read the whole article, just click here!

Read more HERE!

The watches are just AMAZING! Check the whole review here!

Yeap! H&M will soon be in my country... FINALLY! All the details here!

At the end of this note ther'e a little documentary, u should totally check it out! just click HERE

I will be posting more pieces of work really soon so stay tuned. Have a great weekend! :)

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